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Welcome Home

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If you’re interested, it was beyond expectations … Rien ne se peut comparer a’ Paris. I’m trying to put my thoughts together, and simply get over the fact that I’m not there anymore. More to come.


The ability to walk in this city, and the places along my route, give me time and the chance to meetings, just the time to walk and think. No task lists or thoughts of productivity, just the ability to do clear my head. It's sometimes thrilling to forget all deadlines, decend into the subway and reemerge in a "new world," ambling around town without a practical goal in mind beyond simple exploration.

Chicago Postcards

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The trip to Chicago was a good one. I've got a few notes and thoughts that I'm trying to compile into something coherent, but until that's finished, I want to share some of the pics I snapped while walking, or biking, around the town.