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Obtaining Unobtainium

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The path of earlier age wisdom was to attempt to live in conformity with the unyielding reality. Modernity, or applied science, has approached reality as a malleable natural world - something we can shape to fit our desires. Our current mindset seems to be generally focused on a search for new power sources, and in the case of the Bloom Box we are truly creating power out of thin air. Now I realize I'm stretching by trying to connect these three things in my mind, but in very general ways C.S. Lewis's passage is a reminder of the possible split between a mindset of efficient creation of power versus using science to help us in our efficient use of power.

A Few More Things

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A few more things I ran across in my various trips down the rabbit hole of cycling research: Taxing Bike Riders Oregon representative Wayne Krieger has proposed a law requiring cyclists to register their bikes at a cost of $54 every two years. In his words: “Bikes have used the roads in this state forever and have never contributed a penny. The only people that pay into the system are those people who buy motor vehicle licenses and […]