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“The Street Light Just Came On”

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If you remember Warren G, finish that lyric up and I’ll send you a prize.* *maybe The design for the new NYC street lights stem from a competition held in 2004 and they are not intended to replace all the streetlights, but to simply provide a more modern design to be installed in areas that are newly developed or areas where it would make sense aesthetically. The following is in response to an article I read […]

They’re Installing a Stroller Lane?

Efforts like these protected bike lanes will help the streets function more effectively for its users, but more importantly enable a wider range of people to feel comfortable riding in the city. Cycling in New York City is currently regulated to a few small groups. If the city is hoping to create a culture that is similar to that of Portland, Seattle and hopefully Copenhagen, then the city is going to have to undertake construction and educational actions to help the average profile of the cyclist match the average profile of the New Yorker.