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Michael Kimmelman

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There was a good interview with Michael Kimmelman, the new Architecture critic at the New York Times, published in Architectural Record’s May issue. I believe this quote best sums up why it is very important that he is now a vocal and public part of the discussion: It’s not so much whether I’m writing about a building, it’s a question of how—whether it’s embedded within other issues or whether it’s about the craft, the formal […]

Speed Bumps and Boxes

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An ending to an architectural era? I do hope that this speed bump we’ve bottomed out on helps spur on a more focused attention. Personally, I think the society and the built environment would be much better off if a majority of us focused on the overlooked meat of what is built by simply making better architecture of the everyday - better boxes.

On the Waterfront

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My commute is one of seeing a city while moving along its edge - not as arriving to the city, or walking away - but riding the border between the chaos and the calm. The river's revival is well chronicled and the primary reason for its success is what has been developed along its edges.