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Field Observations

Field Observations

The part I like best is that when you strip away all of the vestiges of the arrangement and aesthetic from the previous version of the apartment, the vision we had in our heads for what the apartment could be starts to become clear and tangible.

A New Steed for the Stable

It all started with a '65 Raleigh Deluxe I found in my building's basement. A summer of tinkering around with the Raleigh led to four years of commuting on a Gary Fisher Simple City 3, and then the gateway drug of a owning vintage Motebecane road bike. Now I find myself owning a new steed for the stable - a 2012 Raleigh Grand Prix.

It is the Only Truth

The only truth I can claim with any certainty is that I myself am the designer of my life and I myself am responsible for the entirety of it.