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Réservoir au crépuscule

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I just found my new favorite thing. (Who am I, Oprah?) For the last few years, I’ve ran through Central Park in the mornings and on weekends. The basic characterization of that experience is one of a moving mass of weekend warriors in matching spandex, Dri-Fit and a pair of bright white Nike cross trainers. Broad characterization there, I’m leaving out the hordes of hard core ‘athletes,’ the oblivious iPodders and the sea of ‘Salmonis […]

Mine that Bird

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Hats off to a couple of New Mexico cowboys can bring a 50-1 outsider and win the race! That and a couple of Mint Juleps later, we bid Saturday goodbye. This, and it's associated rhythmic clip and clop, is what I awoke to on Sunday morning:

Two Wheels

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I know exactly what happens when I push down on the brake pedal and where the brake fluid flows and how the calipers compress. Its the same feeling taking apart and internal 3 speed hub. Although its beginning to look more like a complicated watch to me.