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The Menagerie

What started as a term of endearment and a reminder of her grandmother has now grown into a small collection of objets d'art. It's our own little menagerie.

Life Without Cars

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The larger issue at stake is how to position the city and the opportunities it provides in a place that doesn't fall behind and decay because it is still based on, and growing from, early 20th Century planning. If you can attempt to solve the bigger problems that are far beyond not having enough convention space, then you become a benchmark for the rest of the nation.

Speed Bumps and Boxes

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An ending to an architectural era? I do hope that this speed bump we’ve bottomed out on helps spur on a more focused attention. Personally, I think the society and the built environment would be much better off if a majority of us focused on the overlooked meat of what is built by simply making better architecture of the everyday - better boxes.