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14 September 2011

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A New Place of Our Own

Sometimes keeping up the momentum of documenting thoughts and ideas is a hard thing to sustain. At times, these entries almost want to write themselves. At other times, work and life beyond the computer become more pressing and this becomes all too ready to gather dust and let everything else pass it by. I commented to a friend of mine the other day that while a collection can gain aura through the dust of neglect, a website that isn’t constantly feeding the beast of consumption becomes a dull thing almost instantly. So, apologies for not keeping the writing up to date.

It hasn’t been for a lack of anything interesting.

Mid summer, my wife and I recently moved into a new apartment – decamping from my longtime proximity to Central Park and moving west to Riverside Park. I’ll update with more entries about the apartment itself shortly, but I wanted to leave a few quick pictures of what we have been working on so far.

NYC Rooftop Terrace

NYC Rooftop Terrace

NYC Rooftop Terrace

The small little rooftop garden we have started has given us an experience of something familiar and timeless. Pushing dirt around reminds me of my childhood. The smell of mint and basil brings back ghosts of our grandparents. While work or life might be adding stress and pressure to our days, this small spot we have created is appearing to take it all away. I’m not sure if creating personal places like this are a testament to our ability to adapt, or our ability to operate in ignorance. Either way, I’m glad we have it.

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