A Change of Scenery

The rain and cold has been fairly constant. I can’t change the weather, but I could change the things around me to better suit the weather.

The scene would involve me, my wife, and the imaginary dog that I’ve always wanted to have. We’ll call him Lego for now.

It’s a cabin on the lake…Winnipesaukee for instance.

I’d need my Levi’s, a heavy knit shawl collar sweater over a white T and a beat up Yankees cap. A pair of LL Bean Canvas duck boots and a basic yellow rain jacket when I needed to step outside the safety of the porch swing and find my way through the garden. Mucking around in the muck for some vegetables is always good.

Untitled 4 by Matthew Tischler

The fireplace is going and the kitchen has a view of the water and the dock. One would have to assume I’m grilling fish, and various other assorted fruits, cheeses and vegetables would be placed on the table. Maybe wine, but most likely local beer.

Monocle magazine, a good book on American history, a telescope for those evening attempts to spot the American flag on the moon.

Miles Davis.