These Days

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I’m looking forward to the extended weekend. Madras shorts and my new linen shirt. Fishing, grilling and and then some fireworks. Watching some classic movies and listening to tunes as the summer slowly passes.

Try a whiskey smash for a good warm-weather cocktail. The Breslin makes a good one, if you like whiskey.

If you like images…I’ve been collecting some here.

Once again, I’m in the seasonal pursuit of lobster rolls from Mary’s and the Mermaid…and enjoying cooking some lighter meals at home with the finds from the farmer’s market. And in all of that trying to be disciplined and study.

I’m making plans to visit Paris, and trying to relax more in the evenings – and then waking up to run in the early morning. But i’m also staying outside later and enjoying the long evenings/warm nights. So that whole previous sequence of events gets confusing.

I turn 30 today. Does that mean I’m “old?” Does that mean I should “focus?”

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