Month: April 2010

A Greener Pedestrian Friendly City

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Last year over Memorial Day weekend, New York City had closed off portions of Times Square. The response to the changes this past year has been positive overall. Following in the success of these changes, the city is looking to add more pedestrian zones to other high profile areas: 34th Street and Union Square.

Dreams, Unbuilt

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If a community and its growth is planned on a sound foundation rather than speculaton, the outcome can be much different than Lehigh, Rio Vista, California City and even Dubai. In 1811, the New York State Legislature must have appeared crazy when they gridded farmland, marsh and rocky outcroppings for miles above the developed limits of New York City. (Sounds a bit like Core to Shore to me.) The Commissioners' Plan of 1811 was established roughly 200 years after New York was settled and set the direction for the future growth of the city. As the basis of growth, New York and its boroughs filled out in less than a century.