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Twenty Ten. A new year, with new resolutions and new things that we must do. And one of the greatest mysteries we face is “What will I do next?”

Easy things like talking, wandering around or eating is about as equally mysterious as the hard stuff like thinking, creating and career planning. Trying to figure out the mystery only leads one to making weird faces, and its become apparent to me over these last couple of years that I’m pretty poor at planning. I find that its easier on my face if I don’t focus to stringently on it.

For a while, I had had side projects that kept me pretty busy, but a long break over the holidays and the subsequent work load back at the office has proven to me that I need to be spending more time away from the screen, and also more time away from “work” and all that’s related to it.

After a few years of living here in New York, I’ve come to respect it and know it as more than those initial feelings of it being a place of thrilling experiences. There are so many amazing things happening here, all the time, that most of one’s anxiety in the city comes from the over whelming feeling of being in a perpetual state of missed opportunities. And, it takes alot of work to get by here. You need patience, humility and empathy for your neighbor, and yourself. And you have to create time for friendships and hobbies to avoid falling into a work-only lifestyle.

But too often today, I find it easy to forget to stop and breathe. Work late, multiple meetings for multiple projects that become double booked and all of a sudden you are over-organized. It becomes all too easy to forget the simple acts that have been redefined as indulgences.

They should be part of our natural routine.

So, maybe that’s the resolution for 2010. What I’ll do next is focus more on the simple acts.

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