Month: February 2010

Obtaining Unobtainium

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The path of earlier age wisdom was to attempt to live in conformity with the unyielding reality. Modernity, or applied science, has approached reality as a malleable natural world - something we can shape to fit our desires. Our current mindset seems to be generally focused on a search for new power sources, and in the case of the Bloom Box we are truly creating power out of thin air. Now I realize I'm stretching by trying to connect these three things in my mind, but in very general ways C.S. Lewis's passage is a reminder of the possible split between a mindset of efficient creation of power versus using science to help us in our efficient use of power.


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Twenty Ten. A new year, with new resolutions and new things that we must do. And one of the greatest mysteries we face is "What will I do next?" Easy things like talking, wandering around or eating is about as equal as the hard stuff like thinking, creating and career planning. Trying to figure out the mystery only leads one to making weird faces, and its become apparent to me over these last couple of years that I'm pretty poor at planning. I find its easier on my face if I don't focus to stringently on it. So, maybe that's the resolution for 2010. What I'll do next is focus more on the simple acts.