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As you read this, I’m flying to Oklahoma City (or stuck in Memphis, or already there) to meet up with some friends I haven’t seen in a long time. Reunions are good, but I’ve never been one to dwell too much in the past. To a fault sometimes, I tend to look forward.

I guess the reason I say this is that while I had strong friendships in high school, I believe that time has given us something more interesting to share, and in many cases the friendships have become stronger and richer. I guess look at life this way because I never wanted to accept that high school and college were going to be “the best years of your life.” Yes, they were amazing, but what that statement means is that my life’s work and achievement peaked around 18-21 years old.

I hope not.

It will be interesting to go back ‘home’ because while my memories of those years are really great, I’m more interested and more excited to see where everyone is going. I’m also looking forward to being able to see the change that has happened in my home town. In the five years that I’ve lived in New York, I’ve been back to Oklahoma City twice for a total of four days. The distance and time away from everything that is happening downtown and elsewhere in the metro will be good for perspective and comparison.


    • ryecroft says

      The reunion was amazing. I’ll post more on it in the future. But true to my initial thoughts, it was really great to hear about the big plans my friends have and where they and their families are heading.

      “Stuck in Memphis” does sound like a great title for a song.

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