Réservoir au crépuscule

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Central Park Reservoir at Sunset

I just found my new favorite thing. (Who am I, Oprah?) For the last few years, I’ve ran through Central Park in the mornings and on weekends. The basic characterization of that experience is one of a moving mass of weekend warriors in matching spandex, Dri-Fit and a pair of bright white Nike cross trainers. Broad characterization there, I’m leaving out the hordes of hard core ‘athletes,’ the oblivious iPodders and the sea of ‘Salmonis Touristas‘ working against the flow. If I’m feeling low, I just pretend they have come to cheer and take pictures of me. Helps me finish that last half mile.

A few nights ago, I found bliss. Pin drop quite bliss. The Central Park Reservoir at dusk. It reminded me of that mercenary attempt by Nike in “What Women Want” – The road doesn’t care how I did at work that day, the road loves me anyways. Regardless of the commercial, I quickly realized a few miles out here at night can help clear the mind and put the various things in my life into perspective.

Central Park Reservoir at Sunset

The photographs were taken by a photographer I found (and which is what inspired me to run there at night) via flickr named lgh75. I would have taken the photographs myself during the run, but image stabilization doesn’t do a thing for me. I’m a pretty good runner and I’ve got a bit of skill with the camera, but I’ve yet to master the two together.

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