Month: June 2009

A Quarterlife What?

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The internal monologue we've all had at least once in our life: ‘How is my life going to turn out? I don’t have a clue; I don’t have a map; I don’t have a vision for it.’ I don't think I have to have a definitive plan. Just some goals to shoot for that are based around the things I love. As I look at the priorities in my life right now, I'm going to see how they line up with what I love and what I'm passionate about.

Réservoir au crépuscule

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I just found my new favorite thing. (Who am I, Oprah?) For the last few years, I’ve ran through Central Park in the mornings and on weekends. The basic characterization of that experience is one of a moving mass of weekend warriors in matching spandex, Dri-Fit and a pair of bright white Nike cross trainers. Broad characterization there, I’m leaving out the hordes of hard core ‘athletes,’ the oblivious iPodders and the sea of ‘Salmonis […]