Month: June 2009

High Line

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Despite the wonderful design, the biggest impression I was left with is that this is not a park. For a long time, I feel that the idea of "park" and "landscaping" has been placed under the "pastoral shadow" of Mr. Olmsted and his amazing work in parks across New York City and America at large.

A City Lost Under Water

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I’m no Gary England, but this is crazy. Back in the old days, it was cold when it was supposed to be cold, and warm when it was supposed to be warm, and men were men, etcetera etcetera.


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ephemera.ryecroft is purely personal curation and its not trying to be anything more. But just maybe, you might find something of interest in what I've skimmed from all of this transitory visual matter. The clippings are intended for inspiration, for work...or for avoiding work.