Times Square

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Photograph of Times Square by Damon Winter of the New York Times

This was just one of the amazing moments that occurred over this Memorial Day weekend. Continuing on the theme of a life without cars, Nicolai Ouroussoff talks about losing the traffic in Times Square. It is going to be an interesting experiment to watch, but I think it desperately depends on how they develop the way the plaza is designed, and how they eventually begin linking Times Square with Harold Square and by extension  Madison Square and Union Square. In my mind, the big question in play is if Times Square can become a 21st century equivalent of the urban room and gathering space that Union Square traditionally has represented. One has always represented the analog issues of labor, political rallies and agriculture. Will the new square and it’s energy, information ladden motion and a backlit, theatrical suspension of reality be more representitive of where we are in the 21st Century?

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