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Ok. I will. The week has been stressful, hectic, exciting and a relief all at once. A team of us from the office revisited the environment of studio days gone past and produced an amazing amount of work for a potential project; Constantly battling back and forth with knowing too much about realities and needing to “knock his socks off.” Needeless to say we came up with a range of fairly safe and straight forward ideas and a few provocative ones.

It was interesting for me because recently I’ve been really struggling with finding creativity and working on aspects of a project that truly inspire me. That and sometimes it’s just a confidence thing. Can I work on something that is interesting on its own merit and not just a tweak of another’s idea?

Creativity, inspiration…I often wonder sometimes am I struggling so much with the iconic and unique because its not who I am as a designer. A common analogy is that a brick is to a building as a building is to a city. I’m less and less interested in the focal / node / anchor (I’m desperately trying not to use the word iconic) qualities of a project. Am I really just a “working stiff” (and I don’t mean that in a derogatory way) who wants to simply produce something good and well crafted?

This week the execution of the idea was more important to me than the idea.

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