The Great Repression

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There are many ways I’ve been turning that phrase in my mind. Am I trying to ignore the inevitable? Have I been letting the little streams of news and the daily supply of fear being to take small pieces away from the confidence and security that I surrounded myself with?

Am I asking too many questions because I don’t want to write answers!?!

In my mind there is a small sense of relief. When the ground beneath you is shaking and appearing to give way, it triggers a survival instinct to take flight in a new direction. One can grow complacent with their lot, and when that complacently comfortable existence is challenged…you either grasp for the few remaining straws, or grasp for that next rung of the ladder that is above your head.

And now with the turn of the phrase. It may not have been the downward economy and layoffs that have been pushing me under. It was in the steady march of the status quo that I had grown all too comfortable in. External forces have stopped the march, and I am able to see that I am far deeper under those parading boots than I had ever intended.

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