Write About What’s Important

The reason for memo, in the beginning, was that I wanted to become a better writer and maintain some way of being able to look back at some of the smaller details that shaped my life – details that I might have forgotten about. The first goal remains the same: create paragraphs of actual thought that show genuine thinking, continuity and well crafted creative work. The second goal will continue in some ways, but in this newest incarnation of memo, I want to try and focus on what is important to me. Explain my obsessions, edit everything else out and get better.

My obsessions are the things in this life that keep me interested and not board. The work that I do everyday involves creating a coherent relationship between seeming unrelated things, and then figuring out the best way to portray or resolve the connection between them. That’s the creative work. The hard part is actually making something out of the creativity.

In general, I find that the most interesting bits of my life and work are the hidden moments I stumble across when I’m on my way to creating something else. Those moments or pieces of information are what I’ll try to talk about on memo.