Crazy last couple of months…some random entries that are all getting published at once:

I’ve been in NYC for three years now. I’ve come to the conclusion, because it was due time for a conclusion, that i don’t sketch/doodle enough.

I rode a bike home Monday evening. One of the best events so far here in NYC. Spring and summer have arrived and passed…and aside from my hectic schedules, I’m markedly happier. Easy access to Central Park has been such a blessing. Being able to run is such a blessing. The spring weather has been reminding me of my time in Europe, slightly cool mornings, good music, leisurely walks and architecture. All good memories of Germany and Austria.

Blake is in Chicago now.

I keep coming up with project I need/want to work on. I’ve already said I need to write at least one sentence a day and my photo a day project. The photo a day project won’t happen, it would be a pic of my desk every day…but maybe if i break it down to less ambitious time frames:
3 Photos a day for a week
Where i walked in a week
A sketch a day for a week
Something like that might be more do-able.

I think the name Sloane is actually quite wonderful…especially for a girl with a determined personality.

I’ve spent the day reading in Central Park and I honestly can’t think of anything better. (I honestly can, but it’s a pretty close to accurate statement.) The weather has been absolutely beautiful, I’ve enjoyed my new old Raleigh bike and well, things are just swell.

And, I’m getting MARRIED!!!! September 22nd!!!!