Things I Need to Remember

Things I need to remember about architecture is that the profession isn’t always the glamorous creative endeavor one hopes that it will forever be. Most of the time, its about production and execution.

In those days of bullet points, dimensioning, dull calculations and spec writing, I need to focus on the exactitude in each task. Get deep into exploring what a really good set of drawings entails and standards to keep them that way. Become aware of the power of restraint and simplicity in what you draw; what is the least amount of lines I need to get the intent across.

Even though a contractor or client can’t point to a drawing and indicate exactly what is right or wrong between two drawings, he or she could sense it. Too many little inconsistencies and mistakes leaves the viewer not having confidence in my competence. Rather than focusing on the aspects of architecture that I can put my heart into, I should focus on finding ways to put my heart into everything I do.