Some Notes on Architecture

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I cannot legitimately want or hope for anything from architecture except quality. I have my prejudices, my yearnings and inclinations, but I recognize them only as that, and criticize them as that. And yet I assume I am to keep these them from interfering in the quality.

Despite certain qualms…I do enjoy the fact that in architecture, things happen at their own accord and not mine. At many levels, conscious control is lost and life through the creative act stirs, and this comes only through immersion in the process.

When we value architecture in terms of its whole experienceable meaning, everything else falls into place as a means to this end or a consequence of it. Uses of mediums and materials, rules of ordering, and treatments of contextual issues can all be judged by how effectively they produce convincing meaning…and convincing architecture of quality.

The beauty of any great work of art as an entity is experienced because we sense its inner order, its reason or meaning. It alludes to a greater story that everything else seems to work with and belong to.

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