Seeing Things Through

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For the past few days my days have been consumed working on a housing competition entry at the office, and the evenings have been consumed by studying for the LEED exam.

It’s moments like these, when you go from work, to study, to sleep, to work, to study, to sleep that remind me of being back in school, and remind me of the thoughts that kept running through my mind then, and are present today; “when this is over, I’ll be able to [sleep, rest, eat a good meal, live a full life, etc]…If I can just make it to this day, then it will all be over.”

Yeah, it will all be over so that a new challenge, a new test of endurance will arise. I just have to keep telling myself that this part will indeed be over soon, if only I see it through.

See it through and find the reward within the work.

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