Five Year Plan

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Walking through my life right now, contemplating every step and how every step should be bigger and better than it is, wondering if every step should be one of change. It’s frustrating trying to make it as a young architect, and its frustrating trying to grow into a young man.

I’m in the phase right now, caught up in the thought process…thinking that every decision I make is hyper critical, but at the same time not giving a damn because I know my life is a slow progress. Its a battle between expecting things to happen at a much faster rate than they are, but also knowing that this process takes time and that we all have to start out somewhere.

And so its been a heavy few days trying to figure out where I am starting from, and the “path of progress” that I want to walk on. Even though I’ve been thinking about it heavily, the thoughts haven’t really been worked into any coherent, recognizable pattern.

I guess for me, in terms of my “five year plan”…I’ve never really wanted to be constrained. That’s the main reason I want to move on from where I am currently at. I like doing high end residential and working with the ‘empire’ is fun, but thats not all I want to do. In the end, I want to be working on my own and working in several locations…and it might be impossible, but I want to bridge typical European architecture and American architecture into my work. If any of that makes sense?

The only reason I have contemplated a bigger corporate structure is purely for experience…and nothing more because i abhor “the ladder” and all that’s associated with that sort of environment. I don’t plan on corporate as a path. But at the same time, if it comes down to being responsible, I would do the corporate firm for the production/technical experience and simply to afford to live.

I looked at OMA, Holl, Grimshaw, SHoP, C+F, I have been following 1100 for awhile, David Hotson, and I’ve begun to think about London and firms like Allies and Morrison.

And I am considering Grad School and teaching. But I’ve told myself I’m going to get licensed first, I’m only a year and a half, two years out, so I don’t want to push that off. And I think it might be a nice break to go through the licensing process, and then go to grad-school, a kind of twisted sabbatical from the real world I guess.

So, I guess my five year plan is to work in a mid-sized up and coming challenger firm for two or three years (London or NY, wherever opportunity takes me,) grab a license, and go to grad school…after that I’ll figure out the next five year plan.

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